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About Maurice

Maurice Hilton was a talented and much respected Television Editor from Chapeltown in Leeds who died tragically at the age of 29 from a blood clot.

After Maurice's tragic death, there was much talk about how to continue his message to all who want to fulfill their dreams.

His family, friends and colleagues all felt they'd been inspired by him. Maurice's inspiration was expressed with a belief that everyone had the right to achieve and succeed as long as they were prepared to put in the hard work. The young men in the community would often question him about how he had done so well. He was very humble and would keep reminding them that the key to their success was their own drive and determination.

He said he'd help anyone who was willing to help themselves, and he was true to his word.


Our first candidate....
"thank you all from the bottom of my heart" more...

Marc Eubanks




The Maurice Hilton Tribute film
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