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About the charity

It is now up to us to continue Maurice's legacy within the television industry.

Through The Maurice Hilton Charitable Trust, a scholarship has been set up in his name which will enable Maurice's aims to remain a reality.

We have spent the last year doing our homework and trying to find out what gaps there are in terms of training for young people like Maurice to find their way into the television industry.

Having talked to many independent production companies in Leeds and other related training organisations, we have decided that our goal should be simple:

...every year we want to find one 'Maurice' - someone with his passion, his enthusiasm, his desire to learn and his desire to succeed.

We have limited the application to those over 18. But apart from that our 'Maurice' could be any colour, any age and come from any background. What they must have is a desire to train and a passion for their work.

We will train one person a year. Instead of sitting in a classroom they will train on the job through a variety of placements we will set up with them in the industry in Leeds and the region according to their skills and what areas they most want to go into.

Like Maurice, they will probably want to train to be the best technicians - editors, camera people, sound engineers. They will be given a 4 month placement with companies in the region. They will be paid and supported through this period. They will be mentored by a team of mentors the Trust will provide who are professionals working in the industry. And after they finish their 4 months, they will be mentored though not funded by the Trust for another 4 months. We hope we will have done such a good job that the company with whom they are placed will want to invest in them in the longer term!

This is job creation in the industry on a small scale. But we hope that we will be creating and supporting people like Maurice, who gave his time and his passion freely and to anyone who wanted to listen and learn!

The Maurice Hilton Charitable Trust is funded entirely through donations from Maurice's family, colleagues and friends.

We need your support to ensure we can keep Maurice's memory alive. Please can you help us by supporting us with a small regular amount every month so the Trust can be sustainable in the long term.
Just £10 a month will make a huge difference….


Our first candidate....
"thank you all from the bottom of my heart" more...

Marc Eubanks





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