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Finding our candidate

The Maurice Hilton Charitable Trust is offering one scholarship per year.

We will offer training and placement support for 4 months which will be paid and a further 4 months of support and mentoring.

Our goal is get our candidate into paid employment at the end of the year.

We want to find somebody who:

  • Has a passion and desire to work in television documentaries – factual and current affairs
  • Has a technical interest in editing, camerawork and sound
  • Is over 18 (no upper age limit)
  • Ideally live in Leeds
  • Is a good “people” person – like Maurice!
  • Formal training and qualifications not necessary
  • Proven Interest in media useful  

If you think this may be YOU, please email us at

Click here to download the Candidate Application Form
(PDF - requires Adobe Acrobat).

Our first candidate....
"thank you all from the bottom of my heart" more...

Marc Eubanks




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